Mark Hyman M.D. QUACK!!

Edit:New post on Mark Hyman...

I was browsing through the channels tonight on TV trying to find something moderately interesting when I came across this Mark Hyman M.D. fellow. I decided it would be good for a laugh. He began by saying that eating a balanced diet was the way to good health which is entirely true….. it quickly goes downhill from here.

Before I can blink an eyelid he begins talking of how he has been to China and discovered how he can detoxify his body (Detoxify now there is a key word for quackdom). How eating certain things can cure all illness. How exercising the mind can stop disease (I’m not against exercising your mind with knowledge but if you believe that it cures illness you are sorely mistaken). This guy is bat shit crazy. And of course here it comes the DVD he’s trying to sell! And his 3 time New York Times best sellers!

…wait what?

Yes he has 3 New York Times best sellers. I did a little research and found that more people are buying into this loony. People are so eager to believe in these people that they don’t think. They just go out and throw their money into a pit that can cost them their health.

Even worse…he has been on CNN, in Parade (haha parade) and Town and Country.

People like Mark Hyman are the reason people stop being treated by REAL doctors for their REAL illnesses and start doing these homeopathic type quack cures that end up killing them. The story has been told time and time again.

He deserves to be a locked up and refused REAL medical care the next time he gets a REAL illness.

If anyone can offer me some scientific proof to back up his claims I’m more than willing to hear them, but this guy is a QUACK!


Anonymous said...

If you can provide scientific proof to back up your claim that his entire theory is quack then I'd be more than happy to hear em. You're so quick into assuming that his idea of health is quack well take a good look around you and tell me what consists of a REAL doctor? You seem to be very knowledgeable of what's real and what's not why don't you share that with us? If not for people like him striving to breakthrough in the field of medicine and science, people of today would still not get the bump in the head that they need to realize how food, health and science correlate with each other