Drawlstrings at Volume 11 Tavern in Raleigh, NC. Thursday 9th of June 2011. I believe it's only 5 bucks and they kick ass. Known a few of these guys since high school come out and support them.

Fantastic Singer

One of my friends has recorded "For Good" from Wicked in her closet. Her singing voice is just absurdly good.

I am so lazy

I've been promising to constantly update this thing for a while but I keep getting side tracked with other projects. I'll try and draw up a calendar and figure something out...if you're we're both lucky.

In case you were wondering I no longer do research with NCSU... for many many reasons which I'm not going into. So goodbye bio-fuels for the time being but I'll get something else going soon.

I've applied to work on the campaigns for some senators and representatives so we'll see how that works out (I'm not holding my breath)...all extremely progressive liberals.

A few people have expressed interest in being guest writers which I'm pretty excited about....we'll see if they are lazier than me or not :-).

One of them is at UNC Charlotte doing her PhD and researching some things in Neuroscience so hopefully she can fill you in on all that.

The other is working and doing her masters at NCSU and drinks like a fish! So in between beers she can surely write a little!

Well that's that for now. More news coming soon!

Time and effort

I need to put more into this blog. So I'm going to be making a conscious effort to post twice a week, at least, from now on!

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The Last Minutes of an Oil Rig.

I found this picture quite striking.

Chinese boffins give an interesting shorthand for copper nanotubes..big oops.

They decided to name them CuNTs

A great comment. Applicable to our friend Mark Hyman M.D.


If I've learnt anything, medical doctors are the WORST members of the scientific community. Medical doctors, more than any others are willing to "go rogue", drop all sense of morality and sense and start pushing whatever form of quackery they can.

MD's are probably the most trusted people in society but they, more than any other members of the scientific community, abuse their position of authority just to make a quick buck.

This is really sad because I'm a biologist looking to go into medicine. Its distressing to see how these distinguished people, the general hotshots of the medical profession like Dr Mehmet Oz (a cardiac fucking surgeon!), sell their integrity and virtue to make money. People like him further sow distrust of their own profession, cannibalising real medicine, making the lives of their fellow physicians more difficult and perpetuating kooky ideas whilst they're at it. This can only hinder progress and rogue MD's are largely to blame for snake oil sellers still being around even in the 21st century.

Here's a link of Richard Dawkins interviewing one of said traitors. Shit like this pisses me off. How the mighty spout such bullshit is beyond me. Watch how this General Practitioner talks about fucking chakra and black holes in the body. Yes, thats right: black friggin holes.